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How to use Kudos:

Using Kudos helps you to maximise and measure the impact of your research, allowing you to explain your work to a new audience and track its dissemination across multiple platforms.

KnE Publishing is providing this service to its authors for free. We want to help our authors promote all their research as widely as possible, so you can use this platform for all your articles and books, not just those studies you have published with us!

How it works

Once you have registered with Kudos you can claim articles from other journals and publishers.

You will then be able to track the global interest for each item you publish via these metrics:

knowledge E about kudos

You can also access tools to help you grow your readership and citations.

For each article, we suggest you complete the ‘What is it about’ section. Try to explain your research as simply as possible and remember you are writing for a non-specialist audience.

We also encourage you to write your simple summaries in both English and your native language – to increase the potential audience.

Once you have completed this short, accessible description, you can choose an image from Kudos’ database to illustrate it.

Once this is done, you will be featured on the Knowledge E showcase and the Kudos all publications showcase.

This will increase the visibility and discoverability of your work, and ensure it gets read by a wider audience.

Sign up now

1. It takes just 10 minutes to start making an impact

2. Increase your article downloads by up to 23%

3. It’s free to use – yet the results could be priceless


Once you publish with us, you will receive a notification email from Kudos with a link to your personalised dashboard.

Once you log onto your dashboard, you can explain and share your new article, and measure its impact.

1. Claim your publication

You can search for your publication(s) here by typing the publication title, or using your Crossref DOI.

2. Add a plain language summary

Why? Kudos will disseminate this around the world, helping your work get found and read by the largest possible audience.

3. Share a link to your publication

Why? Sharing links via Kudos leads to 23% higher growth in readership of your work.

Kudos also provides you with a personal Kudos hub that brings all your key publication metrics together in one place – and shows you the direct impact of your usage of Kudos on those metrics.