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KnE Materials Science

Aims and Scope: The series covers edited volumes and conference proceedings on proposed topics in the field of Materials Science. Materials include metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, energy materials, electrical materials, composite materials, fibers, nanostructured materials, nanocomposites, and biological and biomedical materials.

KnE Materials Science adheres to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). All papers in this series have been screened for plagiarism using the Crossref Similarity Check powered by iThenticate. All KnE published content is permanently archived in Portico, a not-for-profit organization with a mission and singular focus to provide a permanent archive of electronic scholarly content.

KnE Materials Science does not accept individual submissions for review.

ISSN: 2519-1438

Latest Articles

Technogen-2017 | pages 28-33

Technogenic Zinc Usage Possibilities Investigation for Gold Cementation

Naumov K.D., Lobanov V.G., Zelyah Y.D., Yakornov S.A., Skopin D.Y.

Technogen-2017 | pages 34-38

Leaching of Waste Hydroxide Sludges by Complex-Forming Agents

Yu.A. Napol’skikh, O.Yu. Makovskaya, V.V. Yegorov

Technogen-2017 | pages 44-51

Utilization of Iron-Containing Waste from Magnetic Concentration of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly’s Oxidized Ferruginous Quartzites

I.S. Bersenev, I.S. Vochmyakova, I.G. Bormotova, R.I. Ismagilov, М.N. Naftal, Yu.G. Yaroshenko

Technogen-2017 | pages 52-58

Limestone Addition Effect on Phase Composition of Red Mud Reduction Roasting Products

Mikheenkov M.A., Sheshukov O.Yu., Lobanov D.A., Nerkasov I.V., Egiazaryan D.K., Ovchinnikova L.A.

Technogen-2017 | pages 59-64

Chemical Stabilization Features Of Ladle Furnace Slag In Ferrous Metallurgy

Sheshukov O. Yu., Mikheenkov M.A., Egiazaryan D.K., Ovchinnikova L.A., Lobanov D.A.

Technogen-2017 | pages 70-75

Unit Ladle-Furnace: Slag Forming Conditions And Stabilization

Sheshukov O. Yu., Nerkasov I.V., Mikheenkov M.A., Egiazaryan D.K., Sivtsov A.V., Chencov V.P., Gertsberg G.E.

Technogen-2017 | pages 76-82

Autoclave Precipitation Of Iron From Zinc Sulfate Solutions

K.A. Karimov, A.V. Kritskii, S.S. Naboichenko, O.B. Kolmachikhina, D.A. Rogozhnikov

Technogen-2017 | pages 89-96

Alkali Fusion-Leaching Method For Comprehensive Processing Of Fly Ash

A.A. Shoppert, I.V. Loginova, L.I. Chaikin, D.A. Rogozhnikov

Technogen-2017 | pages 109-115

Granite Dust is the Possible Component of the Dry Construction Mixtures

Gerasimova Ekaterina, Kapustin Fedor, Rogante Massimo, Kochnev Dmitriy

Technogen-2017 | pages 127-132

Processing And Use Of Solid Technogenic Waste - Damping Metallurgical Slags For Producing Calcium-Containing Ferro-Alloys

Ye.N. Makhambetov, A.S. Baysanov, M.A. Nabiev, Shabanov E.Zh., A.M. Baysanova, G.I. Sultamurat

Technogen-2017 | pages 158-162

Rare-Earth Concentrate Production From Technogenic Mineral Formations

B. K. Kengaliev, T.YU. Surkova, S.B. Yulusov, E. A. Pirmatov, A. P. Dulenin

Technogen-2017 | pages 163-167

Scandium Recovery from Red Mud by Carbonate Assist

Rychkov V.N., Kirillov E.V., Kirillov S.V., Bunkov G.M., Titova S.M.

Technogen-2017 | pages 168-173

Best Practices of Russia and Finland in Extracting REE from Fertilizer Waste

Vladimir Rychkov, Pertti Koukkari, Sergey Kirillov, Evgenii Kirillov

Technogen-2017 | pages 193-200

Features of Nickel-Cadmium Batteries Recycling

R. Barashev, O. V. Bazhenov, G. A. Tkachuk, Yu. O. Tarasova