Making of As Collaborating and Networking Media for Researchers


This paper considers reasons why the number of scientific publications produced in Indonesia remain low in comparison to other countries, as is the number of scientific researchers. These issues are caused by many factors, including the fact that researchers often experience difficulties in obtaining references to both books and journals that support their research, and secondly that researchers find it difficult to find research partners who have scientific similarities and interests in one research topic. The purpose of this study is to answer the above problems through the design and development of an application called, an interactive medium for researchers. One of the advantages of this application is being able to connect between one researcher and another researcher in one social media. This research was designed to have 3 stages of research, namely the preliminary study and data collection stage, the planning and building stage, the limited scale trial stage. It is expected that the application can become a means of researchers as a media discussion and facilitate researchers in finding partners in the research that will be carried out.

Keywords: Application, Researcher,, Social Media

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