Prosthetic Rehabilitation With Immediate Denture for Periodontally Hopeless Teeth: A Case Report


Background: Patient with poor oral hygiene may have periodontally diseased teeth with hopeless prognosis. The treatment is usually teeth extraction, which may be unpleasant to the patient because it can affect their appearance, speech and stomatognathic systems. It can be prevented by prosthetic rehabilitations with immediate denture. Immediate denture is a prosthodontic appliance to replace teeth and its subsequent structures which is inserted after tooth extractions.

Objectives: To observe immediate denture as a prosthetic rehabilitation treatment to replace periodontally hopeless teeth.

Case Report: We report a case of a 48-year-old woman with poor oral hygiene and elongated and mobile teeth which affected her chewing, speaking and appearance. The patient denied edentulous period. Patient management included subjective and objective examinations, preprosthetic treatment, impressions taking, diagnostic cast and working cast fabrications. Since try-in was impossible, midline position, tooth size and shade were taken in the early visit. Maxillomandibular relationship was determined and transferred to articulators. Cast modification with spatial modeling method, tooth set-up, wax modelling and insertion was done. Immediate denture was inserted right after the teeth extraction. Post-insertion control was done after one day, one week and one month.

Results: The results were esthetically satisfactory with acceptable occlusion, speech, retention and stabilization.

Conclusion: Immediate denture can be considered as a predictable treatment to replace hopeless teeth, which will restore esthetics, occlusions and speech with satisfactory retention and stabilization.

Keywords: immediate denture, periodontally hopeless teeth, prosthetic rehabilitation

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