The 3rd International Conference on Social and Political Science (ICoSaPS)

The development of technology has the potential to make many aspects of human life easier which makes innovation in technology very important. A technology with one of the most important roles in development in Indonesia is information technology. Information technology is a general term for any technology that helps people to create, modify, store, communicate or disseminate information. Information technology is closely associated with the internet and since the 1990s, the Internet has become an important part of Indonesian life. However, there are two very important things that should be inherent in any technological innovation, the technical elements and social elements. It is undeniable that technological innovation will have implications on the social life. These implications need to be elaborated by the scientists in the field of social studies. This conference is expected to be a place for researchers, academics, and students to share their research and studies in the context of the impact of technology information on political and social dynamics.

Conference date: 02-03 November, 2016
Location: Central Java, Indonesia
Editors: Eric Loo (Wollongong University), Mohammed Yusuf (University of Portsmouth), Rino A. Nugroho (Universitas Sebelas Maret), Septyanyo Galan Prakoso (Universitas Sebelas Maret)
Organizers: Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Sebelas Maret
Conference website: http://icosaps.fisip.uns.ac.id/ 
Published: 12 June 2017
ISSN: 2518-668X

The 4th International Conference on Language, Society and Culture in Asian Contexts (LSCAC)

The 4th International Conference on Language, Society and Culture in Asian Contexts (LSCAC 2016) is a biannual conference organized by Mahasarakham University, Thailand; University of Hyderabad, India; College of Education, Hue University, Vietnam, and Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia. The conference attempts to create a space where people could exchange academic knowledge and build up international collaboration so as to bring new body of knowledge into the development of the Asian society, as well as to strengthen network among scholars whose research interests lie in the Asian context. The theme for the 2016 conference, which is hosted by Universitas Negeri Malang, is “Cultivating and Casting Asian Diversities: Empowering the Asians”.  Some relevant topics to the theme of this conference have been thoroughly discussed in featured speaker sessions, paper sessions, pecha kucha, and roundtable discussions where representatives from several countries in Asia share their ideas, insights on Asian diversities as a discourse to strengthen understanding and to foster creativity, growth and social innovation among Asians to be a better Asia.

Conference date: May 24-25, 2016
Location: Malang, Indonesia
Editor: Utami Widiati, Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia
Sponsors: (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Education) Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia
Conference website: http://lscac2016.um.ac.id 
Published: 12 April 2017
ISSN: 2518-668X

The Economies of Balkan and Eastern Europe Countries in the Changed World (EBEEC)

The economies of Balkans and Eastern Europe countries have almost completed a course of two decades with significant changes in their characteristics and their adaptation in the new economic environment. This course has fore grounded significant difficulties, has highlighted the particular problems that the countries of the particular region should face, and it has led to different sates and patterns of growth and enhancement of the economies.

The objectives of the conference are to discuss and evaluate the results of the economic policy that have been applied during the last two decades, to suspend the prospect challenges and to investigate the policies in the sector of economy which are considered necessary, so that the countries to be integrated getting as much benefit as possible.

More than two hundred papers have been presented in EBEEC 2016 from several countries of the world. The papers that are published in this volume have been chosen by the scientific committee of the conference and the review process was followed.

Conference date: May 6-8, 2016
Location: Split, Croatia
Editors: Anastasios Karasavvoglou (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Greece), Persefoni Polychronidou (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology), Fotini Perdiki
Conference website: http://ebeec.teiemt.gr/ebeec2016/
Published: 19 March 2017
ISSN: 2518-668X


International Conference on Social Science and Biodiversity of Papua and Papua New Guinea (ICSBP 2015)

Today, the Asia Pacific region is one among the fastest growing region in the world with strong economic growth. Due to globalization, world economy has undergone significant changes. While Europe’s economic growth has been slowing down, Asia Pacific’s consistently shows an impressive growth. In the next few years, the economic growth in the region will remain strong, in parallel with improving living standards in the region. With its huge population and strategic location, Asia Pacific offers many opportunities for countries outside the region to embark on collaboration and economic cooperation.

Conference date: 16–17 November 2015
Location: Jayapura, Indonesia
Editors: Julius Ary Mollet, Octolia Togibasa, Veronika Kusumaryati, Petrus Kanisius Farneubu, Agnes Angelita Suyanto
Sponsors: PT Freeport Indonesia, BP, SKKMIGAS, Harvard University - Department of Anthropology, Australian National University - Indonesia Project
Published: 25 August 2016
ISSN: 2518-668X

Indexing: ICSBP Conference Proceedings are indexed in Web of Science (by Clarivate Analytics formerly Thomson Reuters and ISI) as of 23th March, 2017.