The Icon and Interface of the Journaling Design of the Ace Diary Mobile App


The Ace Diary is an online counseling app that provides art therapy features, receptive music therapy, journaling, a chat room, emergency calling, loving quotes, and scheduling based on quadrant-time of 4th generation time management information architecture. Furthermore, counselors can monitor activities on the app. These features had not been integrated before, which is why a basic design was developed for this purpose by using the M. Asimov model to design this app. The visual strategy used for showing a typical journaling diary is lines with brushstroke and calming pastel colors. Ace Diary has six primary pages: drawing, venting, scheduling, room chat and calling, quotes, and record tracking. The different group pages have different background colors so that audiences can distinguish the page’s functions. Students’ picture profiles are created using an illustration in the same design style to keep identities confidential.

Keywords: strategic journaling design, quadrant-time of 4th generation of time management, pastel colors, brushstroke

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