Ace Diary: An Online Counseling App With Monitoring of Self-Development Tasks


There has been a recent rise in online counseling applications in response to the increased need for counseling during this pandemic. Unfortunately, the concept of online counseling apps in Indonesia is still premature because the apps just connect counselee and counselor via chat or call. These apps cannot monitor the self-development tasks that the counselors gives to the counselee, even though this is a requirement of the counseling process. The researchers in this study used M. Asimov’s model to design a new mobile app. The features to monitor self-development tasks divide into yearly, monthly and weekly planning. The information system categorizes into time and fourth quadrants of time. It is hoped that the counselee can use this to manage their activities based on the importance level to help achieve their goals.

Keywords: Mobile apps, online counseling, self-development tasks monitoring, four quadrants of time

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