Stone Tiles: Unique Souvenirs for the Sanan Malang Educational Tourism Destination


Malang has several thematic tourist destinations, one of which is the village of Sanan. Sanan is known as an educational tourism destination. As the center of the tempe industry, the people of Sanan are able to process tempe into 50 types of preparations, such as tempeh chips with various flavors, tempeh satay, mendol sticks, tempeh brownies, dry tempeh, and nata de soya. Some Sanan people also use the soybean waste to feed their cattle. Many local tourists visit Sanan Village, including school students, university students, employees from government and private agencies, civilian officials, military officers and businessmen. Unfortunately, this tourist destination does not yet have any unique souvenirs which represent the identity of Sanan, and can be used for promotion and as keepsakes for tourists. Because of this, a group of mothers who are members of the Sanan community were given training to make special souvenirs in the form of decorative stones or painting stones with the medium of andesite stone tiles.

Keywords: souvenirs, Sanan, decorative stones

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