Visual Rhetoric in the Design Process Based on Local Wisdom


The visual perspective of rhetoric is relatively new in the discipline of rhetoric. Perspective knowledge has begun to be generated about how visual images operate symbolically, although there is not a coherent theory. The key to a rhetorical perspective on the image is that the rhetorical perspective focuses on the rhetorical response of the image rather than on aesthetics. Visual rhetoric as perspective is not a theory with construction and axoms depicting certain rhetorical components of an image; but it also does not consist of some type of content or image knowledge. The development of communication technology is currently growing very rapidly. This development has also affected the media industry, which is required to adapt to the development of communication technology. Technology that occurred in the industrial era 4.0 interfered in various forms of media, especially in the information media. The new paradigm of conventional things is happening with a shift in meaning towards the media. This research used a problem-based approach and qualitative research methods to solve this problem. Local wisdom is a distinctive essence that can characterize design work. In design development in Indonesia, there is disruption in design, especially in design style. The design style that occurs in Indonesia today is heavily influenced by external design style. This is due to the disruption of the 4.0 era that provides information globally.

Keywords: visual rhetoric, local wisdom, design, distraction

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