Makeup Training in the Community of Carnival Costume Developers in Ronggo Village, Kecamatan Tajinan


The cultural parade continues to experience very rapid and lively developments. This is why people suddenly become craftsmen or producers of Carnival costumes, even though they start this business with self-taught abilities. These Carnival costumes are rented out to the wider community who will hold cultural parade events in the local area or outside the region. But unfortunately, the Carnival costume producers do not have the makeup skills to maximize the appearance of their Carnival costume characters. Therefore, the researchers provided makeup training for the community of Carnival costume developers in Ronggo Village, Kecamatan Tajinan, so that people can better package the products produced. First, a survey was carried out about the costume craftsmen’s location and costume reconstruction. The method of cooperation (cooperative) was used, and the activities included explanations or lectures, and practical training on makeup and show clothes. This service was carried out for 2 months starting from the making of dedication proposals, preparation for the implementation of training, training on makeup and performance clothing, and taking certificates. The training was carried out by researchers who were observed by three observers. The community looked very active and already had pretty good makeup skills. After conducting the training, the presenter evaluated the results of the makeup training demonstration and provided conclusions. It is hoped that the next service can be held again with different research targets.

Keywords: training, makeup, carnival costumes

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