Shipping Accidents Due Caused by Natural Disasters and How to Handle Them


Accidents can occur to ships whether they are in transit, at anchor or are carrying out loading and unloading activities at the port or terminal - despite preventative measures (such as the Health and Safety Work Act, 1974). These measures concern both regular and emergency situations. An emergency usually occurs as the result of not adhering to established system procedures or due to natural disturbances. Planning and preparation are the main requirements for successful coping with an onboard emergency. The captain and officers should be aware of what they should do in various emergencies, for example fires in cargo tanks, engine rooms, A.B.K. rooms and people passed out in tanks, ships off dock and drifting, boats off dock, and other emergencies. Staff must be able to quickly and accurately decide what to do to deal with any kind of emergency.

Keywords: Natural Disaster, Handling, Ship Accident

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