Integration of Land Transportation


Transportation is a field of activity that is very important in people’s lives. The importance of transportation for the community is caused by many factors, one of which is the geographical condition of an area which allows transportation to be carried out by land, sea or air to reach all areas. Transportation is the lifeblood of National Development to smoothen the flow of people, goods and information to support the optimal allocation of economic resources. Therefore, transportation services must be sufficiently available and affordable to the public’s purchasing power. Transportation that is widely used by people in Indonesia is one of the only land transportation. The increase in population and city area causes the amount of traffic to also increase. While the traffic system is nearing saturation, thus increasing the amount of traffic has a major impact on the environment. This study uses a quantitative approach, explanation, and planning that refers to the results in the field and survey observations of operational conditions in existing conditions and after using the Railbus mode (multimodal). The quantitative method is called a positivistic method because it is based on the philosophy of positivism. And in general, transportation plays an important role in terms of economic development and non-economic development Integration between modes has many advantages, one of which is service tariffs which can be reduced through the tariff integration mechanism.

Keywords: Integration, Transportation, Economy, Prospects

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