Analysis of Need for Fast Vessels in Ferries


Transportation needs in an area are caused by the interaction between socio-political activities and tourism in the area. Transportation plays a very important role in the success of the development of an area, which has a role as a link between one area and another which is separated by the presence of water, the role of transportation is also very closely related to development, and stimulates new developments activities in the development of the transportation system play a very important and very useful role in the smooth development of the wheels, strengthening unity and integrity that affects all aspects of life. With the increase in travel caused by population growth and the increase in the standard of living of the community, further infrastructure and facilities and other supporting facilities are needed so that the implementation of ferries transportation can be carried out safely, safely, quickly, smoothly, orderly, regularly, comfortably and efficiently. To serve fast, safe, comfortable and inexpensive services, fast boat transportation that serves the Lembar-Padangbai line is needed. Meanwhile, fast boat companies are currently prohibited from operating again due to facilities that are not suitable for operation. On the basis of these considerations, it is necessary to have a fast ship serving the Lembar-Padangbai route.

Keywords: Fast Boats, Ferries, Transportation

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