Implementation of Act No. 17 of 2008 concerning Shipping to Support Passenger Safety


Indonesia is located between two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and two continents, the Asian Continent and the Australian Continent. Indonesia is also a maritime country, where and the oceans are wider than the land. Therefore with sea transportation a major consideration, it is only natural that the government pays attention to all matters relating to this sector, especially in terms of security and safety. This study considers the safety of maritime passenger transportation and the effectiveness of the existing regulations, namely Act No. 17 of 2008. This study is based on research into the case of PT. ASDP Ferry, Singkil Branch. The main conclusions that can be drawn from the writing of this research is that Act No. 17 of 2008 also includes the legal (as well as physical) protection for users of sea transportation services. The parties who are legally responsible, namely the harbormaster, captain, crew, company, NTSC, and also the Shipping Court in this case must continue to optimize their functions and continuously optimize their resources for shipping safety and security and also complement shipping support facilities.

Keywords: Ship, Safety, Passenger

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