Making of Smart Education and Investment System 4.0 for Halal Industry (SEISHI) Application-Based


Indonesia,, with its large Muslim population, is an important market for and stakeholder in the development of the halal food industry. However, the halal industry in Indonesia has not grown optimally. One of the causes is that halal industry players currently only use Islamic banking, so they are less in touch with the wider community. This study aims to offer a solution to improve Islamic financing outside of Islamic banking, using an Islamic financing application called SEISHI (Smart Education and Investment System 4.0 for Halal Industries). SEISHI is offers an innovative fintech alternative for funding and investment for halal institutions in Indonesia. This research was designed at a regional scale in Malang and involved expert validation, material validation and 20 sample respondents to determine the acceptability of SEISHI applications. The descriptive qualitative method was used. The results of the study indicate that the application of SEISHI can bring together important elements in the halal industry cycle, namely halal industry players, Islamic banking, investors and the government regulators, and so strengthen Islamic funding and investment for halal industry players on an ongoing basis.

Keywords: SEISHI, Sharia Funding, Sharia Investment, Halal Industry

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