Dialogue of Cultures in Musical Creative Works: Typology Experience


The relevance of the research is connected with progressive cultural interactions in the modern world, including the field of musical culture. The dialogue of cultures in musical art is deeply rooted, intensively growing and manifests itself in many ways. The problem lies in the insufficient theoretical development of the system of manifestations of the dialogue of cultures in the musical discourse by the domestic musicologists. The article proposes a partial solution to the problem. The main types and kinds of the dialogue of cultures are considered in the subtext and text areas. The result of the study was a typology represented in the subtext mental type of four kinds, and in the text and its two sub-spheres (verbal and musical) by three types with specific differentiation. Explicit and implicit modes of dialogue are taken into account.

Keywords: dialogue of cultures, musical creative discourse, type of dialogue in music, subtext and textual spheres.

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