“Media Man” in the Context of Developing Technologies of the Screen Documentary


Under the conditions of mediatization as the most important factor shaping modernity along with globalization, individualization and commercialization, an individual receives the nomination of a ”media man” on and acquires new functions in the development of media civilization. The ”media man” acts as a new kind of not only “the product” and “the consumer”, but also “the producer” and “the translator” of works of screen culture, including screen documentaries. General scientific and special scientific methods of research are used for writing the article. The article presents the results of systematization, understanding and analysis of the theoretical and historical scientific literature on mediatization and documentary films, as well as empirical observations of the practice of the Russian documentary. Prospects of the development of the documentary technologies in the changing conditions, including – within a new type of screen documentary – interactive and collaborative documentary cinema – idoc are outlined.

Keywords: media, “media man”, media culture, screen culture, traditional, interactive and collaborative documentary.

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