The Concepts “Cultural Imperialism” and “Empireness” Between Postcolonial and Cultural Studies Approaches


In this article, the author asks how we can combine postcolonial and cultural studies approaches in relation to the analysis of the concepts of ”cultural imperialism” and ”empireness”. That these terms should be included in functional academic vocabulary is an indisputable fact: postcolonial studies penetrate the humanities, including the philosophy of culture and cultural studies. The article is based on the works of D. Bachmann-Medick, O. Boyd-Barrett, and H. Munkler. Based on the theory of the latter, this paper presents an interpretation of the concept of ”emireness”.  In conclusion,  the most promising areas of research at the junction of the two methodologies are considered, namely, the study of how mass culture is utilized in building the policy of cultural imperialism.

Keywords: cultural imperialism, empireness, postcolonial studies, H. Munkler

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