Stock Index Performance of SRIKEHATI 2014: Case Study of ISAT and MEDC


This study analyzes the returns volatility of ISAT and MEDC in context of green investment. These two stocks are member of SRIKEHATI index. SRIKEHATI is an index containing stocks that concern on environment, social and governance. The period of analysis cover 2009-2014 the focus of the study is on three measures of price earning ratio (PER) and fundamental performance indicator, environment activities disclosure in sustainability report was done. Results show that return volatility of ISAT affects return index of SRIKEHATI significantly, but not for MEDC. ISAT has experienced decreasing profit that continued to a loss, inconsistent reporting environment activities in the sustainability report. MEDC has experienced decreasing of profit but did not lead into a loss. MEDC is also consistent in reporting environment-related activities through publishing sustainability reports.

Keywords: green finance; green investment; SRI-KEHATI index; ISAT; MEDC

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