The Effect of Pandawa Service Quality and Switching Cost on Loyalty of National Health Insurance Participants


Social Security Administrator (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial, BPJS) for Health is a national health insurance. The variable “Loyalty” needs to be researched for the continuity of programs of the National Health Insurance (Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional, JKN) through participants’ satisfaction. With the occurrence of COVID-19, BPJS Kesehatan made innovation by opening a non-face-to-face channel service via WhatsApp known as Pandawa. The presence of COVID-19 has reduced the use of healthcare services in the JKN program, so there is a need for a study of the effect of switching costs on the loyalty of JKN participants. This research was conducted by distributing questionnaires via Google form to JKN participants who accessed Pandawa in October 2023, totaling 148 respondents. The novelty of this research is that innovation in membership administration services carried out by the Pandawa is still rarely studied. Smart PLS is used as a test tool with Pandawa service quality results which influence satisfaction and loyalty. It shows that good service quality will increase satisfaction and loyalty. Switching costs impact satisfaction but do not influence loyalty. JKN participants who switch to other healthcare service financing are not related to loyalty but to satisfaction.

Keywords: Service quality, Switching Cost, Loyalty, JKN, Pandawa, Satisfaction

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