Framing Morals: A Study of Moral Values in Netflix Teen Movie Finding Ohana (2021)


In an era when Netflix is the go-to source of entertainment, many families are particular about choosing the best entertainment for them, especially for their children, that serves both entertainment and educational purposes. Movies are frequently infused with moral messages. Movies also depict and suspect morally virtuous behavior through their exploration of overarching themes, the attribution of specific traits to heroic and villainous characters, and the resolution of pivotal moral dilemmas. This study utilizes a descriptive qualitative approach of moral values found in the attribution of theme and characterization of Netflix’s teen movie Finding ‘Ohana (2021) We argue the attribution of themes and dynamic characterization of the main characters in Finding ‘Ohana (2021) that serves as a learning opportunity for young viewers to discover moral values lessons. As a result, the portrayal of moral values in Finding ‘Ohana includes truthfulness, respect, tolerance and cooperation, hard work and functionalism, respect for human life and dignity of persons, and value of the present. We propose that utilizing movies as tools for moral education, treating them as case studies of moral dilemmas, and stimulating imaginative thinking about ethical situations through open and egalitarian discussions between adults and teenagers could enhance the effectiveness of moral education for teenagers.

Keywords: moral values, film, finding ‘Ohana, identity, children and YA literatures

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