Strengthening Institutional Building to Prevent Potency Conflict (Study at Communication Forums Regional Intelligence Central Java Province)


Institutional development is an approach that depends on the concept of manipulating, social dna stressing, leadership functioning on modern elite group, and also available alternatives on action strategies. The existence of potential conflict in society is an activity that must be monitored beforehand and the role of intelligence is highly expected to identify it early on. This study aims to analyze pattern interaction between actors who are awakened in community forums intelligence area in handler potency conflict. This is qualitative research with a descriptive approach. This research was carried out in Central Java Province because there are several activities in regional intelligence communication forums that are quite active in handling potential conflicts. Research results show that strengthening institutional building in Communication Internal Regional Intelligence Handling potency conflict in the Province Central Java is not yet fully optimal in sight from institutional building dimensions, namely leadership, doctrine, programs, resources, and internal structure. Importance of strengthening internal institutional building developing institutions involved various institutions capable of presenting an output that does not only applies to a certain situation but also a different context.

Keywords: institutional building, prevention potency, conflict

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