Reinterpretation of Bank Interest Law in the View of K.H Bahauddin Nursalim on YouTube Channel


The controversy over the bank convention still colors the discourse that lives in society because the interest given by the bank convention is something that is forbidden by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). But not long ago, there were contemporary scholars such as K.H Bahauddin Nursalim who said that the status of bank interest is not unlawful. Then what is the reason why K.H Bahauddin Nursalim does not contain haram elements? This research is library research. The data were collected using secondary data. As a result, bank interest in the view of K.H Bahauddin Nursalim is associated with re-interpretation. K.H Bahauddin Nursalim linked interest banks more with inflation rates, so the reason bank interest is compensated to prevent inflation cannot be justified, which like this is strictly prohibited in Islam considering that even a penny’s excess includes usury.

Keywords: bank interest, usury, Islamic

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