The Criminal Justice System in Environmental Crime by Corporations


Environmental law has advanced quickly, not only in relation to the role of law as a means of development (a tool of social engineering) with the function of an agent of development or agent of change, but also more prominently about the function of law as protection, control, and legal certainty for society (social control) with the role of agent of stability. This legal research is normative legal research with a focus on positive legal norms (ius constitutum), that is, it focuses more on the application of positive legal norms and principles using a statutory approach (statutes approach), which is pertinent to the study of how legal issues are formulated in this legal research. Law Number 11 of 2020 Concerning Job Creation’s environmental cluster setting, particularly the elimination of criminal penalties, is extremely inappropriate. Due to the repeal of criminal penalties in Law Number 11 of 2020 Concerning Job Creation, administrative sanctions are not subject to stringent regulation. Legislation that prioritizes environmental and health issues and establishes a legal framework for the environment is required. This legislation should be written utilizing the omnibus process once more.

Keywords: criminal system reconstruction, environmental law, Law Number 11 of 2020

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