The Actualization of Democracy Values Based on Local Wisdom


The Indonesian Democracy Index for Lampung Province was ranked 8th in 2021 reaching 80.18 (BPS: 2021). West Tulang Bawang Regency has an indicator of human development at level 4, the lowest in a Regency/City in Lampung Province with a percentage of 66.22 (BPS: 2021), based on indicators of freedom, equality and capacity of democratic institutions. This scientific study aims to examine the actualization of democratic values based on the local wisdom of the people of Tulang Bawang, West Lampung. This type of research is field research which leads to naturalistic research with the nature of qualitative research. Primary data sources are purposive sampling as the key informants can be representative and data processing methods are obtained from observations, interviews and documentation from community leaders and humanists. Inductive data analysis involves methods with reduction stages, data presentation and data verification. The local wisdom of the West Tulang Bawang community consists of the Nenemo Philosophy and the Ragem Sai Mangi Wawai Program. Democratic values that are highly respected in the world include freedom, openness, equality, justice and responsibility. Associated with local wisdom, it turns out that democratic values already exist in the principles of life in the cultural wisdom of Pepadun. Attitudes and behaviors in the Pepadun culture of the West Tulang Bawang community, of course, have meanings including Mes which means to endure, Nedes which means to hold on deeper, Ago which means to want, Kuwawo which means to be able to be internalized in a multicultural society by reflecting hard work, nemen which means earnest, nedes which means resilient, and nekhimo which means to accept God’s gift sincerely. The people of Tulang Bawang Barat have values of equality, and responsibility in social life. The meaning of Ragem Sai Mangi Wawai comes from the language of the Lampung tribe Pepadun Megow Pak Tulang Bawang which is used as the motto as well as the movement’s unifying motto in carrying out the development of both infrastructure and social morals in West Tulang Bawang Regency using indicators of justice, freedom, and openness as a concrete form of cultural diversity. Among religion, ethnicity, and other social groups, the people of Lampung Pepadun who are in Tulang Bawang Barat are united in all ways to achieve success together without eliminating or undermining other groups. This is in line with the actualization of democracy as well as this distinctive culture as striving for the civilization of ethnic communities in challenging times. This component is related to democratic government which is carried out by involving the participation of people both in democracy and development, and does not abandon noble ideals on the basis of values that are born from conscience.

Keywords: Actualization, Democracy and Local Wisdom

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