Evaluation of the Readiness of Small and Medium Enterprises on the Indonesian National Standard


Indonesia’s economic condition, which is experiencing a weakening due to the pandemic, has created a competitive climate among businesses. Jago Jaya Shuttlecock is one of the SMEs in the city of Surakarta that has been producing shuttlecocks since 1971. Jago Jaya Shuttlecock wants its products to be SNI certified for the expansion of the marketing network and to increase the class of the products it produces. Therefore, this research was conducted to assess the readiness of SMEs to obtain SNI certificates. This was done by examining quality control using a control chart and the process capability in accordance with the quality requirements in SNI 0036-2014. This research also examined the readiness of SMEs in the SNI certification process from the aspects of administration, technical quality assurance, and economic capability. The problem was analyzed using the Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and obtained suggestions for improvements according to the priority of action if the specification is out of control and the Cpk indicator <1.5. In the preparation of SMEs in the SNI certification process, it was found that the readiness in the administrative, technical aspects of quality assurance and economic aspects were 100%, 17%, and 100% respectively. Based on the results, recommendations were given to improve the quality assurance system.

Keywords: Readiness, SMEs, SNI, Indonesian National Standard

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