Style Construction of Li Bing's Cultural IP from the Perspective of Internet Youth Subculture


The value growth of Li Bing’s Cultural IP is critical for enhancing its cultural influence, assisting cultural development and inheritance, and enhancing the overall effect of local culture and urban ranking. In the new media period, IP value creation is inextricably linked to the discovery of youth subcultures generated by youth groups, who are the primary consumers of internet material. Referring to Herbertig’s classical theory, after discussing the style construction of Li Bing’s Cultural IP from the perspective of Internet youth subculture from collage, isomorphism, and ideographic practice, for example, through the misappropriation and meaning reconstruction of network elements, the organic combination and resonance strengthening of differentiated symbols between traditional culture and subculture, and the creation of as many audience perceptions and participation channels as possible for Li Bing’s cultural IP, to provide practical space for the expression of meaning, we can realize the style of Li Bing’s Cultural IP adapting to Internet ecology, enhance its recognition and Internet ecological integration, and realize the value upgrade of IP.

Keywords: Li Bing, cultural IP, subculture, generation Z

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