Settlement of Labor Disputes After the Covid-19 Pandemic Based on Local Wisdom of the Sasak Tribe


The COVID-19 pandemic has an impact caused by a labor or industrial relations dispute, so alternative solutions are needed to reduce disputes post-COVID-19 pandemic. Efforts to resolve labor disputes or industrial relations must be carried out thoroughly in one system. Need developed substance, structure, and cultural law in looking for alternative dispute industrial relations. The purpose of the study describes the value of local wisdom, Sasak people, as a substance alternative solution to a labor dispute. This study uses a nondoctrinal paradigm with descriptive analysis. It also uses cases and legislations based on a series of observations, interviews, and literature reviews to be analyzed qualitatively. The results of the research findings are that the Sasak people have three krame as dispute resolution institutions, namely krame waris, krame gubuk, and krame desa. These three krames apply the five principles of local wisdom of the Sasak people, namely the principle of divinity and self-control; the principle of equal rights; the principle of harmony and kinship; the principle of deliberation and consensus, and the principle of justice. In conclusion, the five principles of local wisdom of the Sasak people which are applied in the three krame institutions can be the substance of alternative solutions to minimize industrial relations disputes. The resulting recommendation is the active role of the government in building a krame institution in the mediation center that has structured funding support.

Keywords: Sasak tribe, local wisdom, dispute resolution, industrial relations

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