The Effect of Russia--Ukraine War on International Aviation Sectors


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already killed hundreds, sent thousands of refugees fleeing, and sent ripples throughout the entire world. With closed airspaces in and around the conflict leaving some stranded and flights rerouted, impending fuel price jumps, airlines and countries cutting off Russia and its national airline. The European Union’s potentially impactful sanctions on aircraft parts. The airline industry has faced 2 years of significant challenges, and it is unfortunate that as the pandemic begins to wane, they get no respite before dealing with more triage. This research focused on studies: (1) How is the impact of Russia v. Ukraine in several sectors of civil aviation? (2) How the international law regulated civil aviation during an armed conflict situation, also strategies and response for far away from worse impact Russia v. Ukraine conflict in civil aviation sectors. The research method used in this research focused on the traditional regulatory approach and a comparative approach to discuss the invasion of Russia v. Ukraine, this research also focuses on the several impacts on international aviation during wartime Russia v. Ukraine following legal, and regulatory standards regarding international aviation law. The results of this study show, several impacts in the international aviation sectors, such as in air passenger traffic, air cargo traffic, jet fuel prices, and airfares, also on the development of a broader economy. Strategies and Response for far away from worse impact Russia v. Ukraine conflict in civil aviation sectors, accelerate peace agreement. Compliance with international law regarding security and safety for international civil aviation. Recovery of the several impacts in aviation sectors during wartime, and strengthening the aviation industry to survive during crises as an impact of war.

Keywords: invasion, Russia vs. Ukraine, international aviatio

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