Designing Animated Infographics About Thesis Defense Registration Procedures


The procedure for carrying out the thesis defense continues to change in line with technological developments as well as the overall need for a more effective and efficient system. Many problems have occurred through this process of change. There is website-based information consisting of long texts of procedures and static infographics, but it turns out that these forms of media are not effective in conveying information that is easy to understand. Additionally, the design of these media is unattractive. Therefore, we propose an animated infographic design related to the thesis defense registration procedure. In this research, data were collected via a questionnaire and interviews with experts. The design stage included the steps of narrative concept, asset design, storyboard, animation, voiceover, editing and rendering to produce the final design result. This product was then tested through a questionnaire. The results of testing the previous media were then compared with the results of this media test. The findings demonstrated that the animated infographics significantly increased the understanding of lecturers and students regarding the thesis defense registration procedure. This was indicated by an increase in the results for the aspects of completeness, clarity, and attractiveness of information when compared to text media or static infographics. However, the animation video produced was very dependent on the combination of visual and sound elements, so that information was difficult to obtain when one of these did not function properly. Therefore, the next design stage will involve making a video that remains informative even in the presence of visual or sound disturbances.

Keywords: design, infographic animation, thesis defense, visualizing information

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