Optimization of Business Strategies for Residential Properties


The boarding house business is a rapidly growing business with increased competition in Indonesia. Business owners need the right marketing strategy to seize opportunities, maximize their strengths and reduce weaknesses, avoid threats, and promote and improve the quality of their service. This study aimed to explore the creative and innovative marketing strategies used by businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the authors studied the marketing strategies used by Rumah Kost Atmawidjaja House and collected additional data through interviews, questionnaires, and experiments. They found that while implementing a marketing strategy, the Atmawidjaja House considered several things: (i) a strategic location considering the targeted market, (ii) online marketing, (iii) providing adequate facilities to the occupants, (iv) serving every occupant in a good and friendly manner, and (v) responding quickly to any complaints made by the boarding house residents.

Keywords: strategy, marketing, boarding house business

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