Strategies for Improving Vocabulary English


Many instructors have struggled for a long time with the issue of how to teach language effectively. These techniques include generating student curiosity and interest, employing part-of-speech conversion, using syntactic analysis, formative assessment, and using the game method after briefly reviewing the history of the evolution of English teaching methods. Using this method, students’ vocabulary mastery has increased dramatically, an essential and fundamental component of teaching English. Thus, teaching vocabulary efficiently and adequately will significantly help improve general English education. The result of this research is that the implementation of this strategy is efficient in terms of student learning. vocabulary accumulation. Like the bricks that make up a house, vocabulary is the foundation and most important element of teaching English. If students have extensive vocabulary storage, it will be very helpful for English education in general. As a result, the authors of this paper believe that this essay will offer useful answers to the longstanding problem of teaching language effectively and efficiently. Since teaching vocabulary is a creative endeavor, educators can design their unique methods or techniques for teaching vocabulary based on their current situation and abilities.

Keywords: English Vocabulary; Strategy Learning; English Teaching

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