Sign Found In The Movie Spiderman : Far From Home


This research analyze the kinds and functions of the signs found in the movie Spiderman : Far from Home. There are some methods used in writing this research, they are data sources, data collection, data analysis, and presenting the result of the analysis. In this research writer used the movie entitled “Spiderman: Far from Home” as the data source. The writer applied some methods of research those are by watching the movie, taking any signs that found in it, and then it was classified based on their kinds of sign on the collecting the data. In analyzing the data, the writer applied the theory of Chandler in his book entitled Semiotic for Beginners (1931) as the main theory and supported by other theories that are relevant to this topic. The analysis of data was done by explaining all the signs found in the movie based on its kind and function. The result of the research shows that the signs found in the movie Spiderman: Far from Home consist of 3 Icons, 5 Indexes and 8 Symbols. In the Icon there are, 3 Ideational Metafunctions. In the Index there are, 4 Ideational Metafunctions and 1 Interpersonal Metafunctions. In the Symbol there are, 6 Ideational Metafunctions, 4 Interpersonal Metafunctions and 4 Textual Metafunctions.

Keywords: Sign, Icon, Index, Symbol, Movie Spiderman : Far from Home

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