Thematic Roles of Sentence Elements Found in "Me Before You" Movie


Sentence is very important in learning language. Sentence is used in every language activity. For understanding sentence, we must study structure of the sentence, elements that form it, and meaning had contained in the elements of the sentence. This research aimed to analyze the structures of simple sentences and thematic roles of sentence elements. This research was observation method which was used in collecting data. Based on the result of the analysis, it was concluded that the elements of sentence consisted of subject, verb, object, complement, and adverbial. There are seven structures of simple sentence found in the data, were: S-V, S-V-O, S-V-A, S-V-C, S-V-O-O, S-V-O-A, and S-V-O-C. The five elements could be combined into one sentence or clause that is called as simple sentence, and forms a simple sentence there are at least subject and verb. Each of sentence elements has its own role except verb because verb describes the role of action conveyed in the sentence. The thematic roles found in the data, namely: agent, patient, theme, goal, source, instrumental, beneficiary, recipient, experiencer, location, and stimulus. The subject may have role as agent, patient, experiencer, and theme. The object can play a role as patient, theme, beneficiary, recipient, and stimulus. Meanwhile, the adverbial can play a role as instrument, location, goal, and source.

Keywords: simple sentence, thematic, movie

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