The Use of Conjunction on "Art and Culture" Articles in Bali Travel News


This paper aimed to classify and describe the types of conjunction that used on the text, the meaning expressed by the conjunctions in linking the sentence including the expression which are used. The data was taken from ‘Art and Culture articles in Bali Travel News’. The article was chosen as the Data Source after considering that there were many conjunctions found in it. The main theory used to analyse the conjunction was the theory of Cohesion proposed by Halliday and Hasan. The method used was qualitative descriptive method. There were several steps in presenting the data analysis. Numbers were given to the sentence containing conjunctions. Then the next step was presenting the conjunctions occurring on the texts based on the type conjunctions, completed with the explanations of its meaning on the texts. From the findings the articles were full conjunction. Based on the analysis it can be identified that the four types of conjunction proposed by Halliday and Hasan occur on the texts. Every conjunction has its own meaning on the texts. The additive type expresses the additional information of what stated in the previous sentence, the adversative type expressed the contrastive meaning between sentence, causal relation expresses the causal and result, and temporal relation expresses that the sentences are related in time. Additionally, from the texts most of Conjunctions occurred in the beginning of the sentence. Meanwhile some of them occurred in the middle of sentence.

Keywords: grammatical cohesion, conjunction, art and culture

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