The Analysis of Man and Woman Main Character's in Movie ``Music and Lyric'' Based on Women's Language Features Theories


Language is not limited in one aspect but reach out almost all the aspects and features that are intended to bring out the meaning of the language itself. Therefore, this study was analyzed woman and man main characters’ language in movie “Music and Lyric” by using women’s language features by Lak off (1975) while also counted number of features that spoken by woman and man main characters and compare them to find out the phenomena that happened in this movie. In addition, this study also analyzed the factors of that phenomena. The data were taken and collected from woman and man main characters’ conversation in movie “Music and lyric” in order to find out the women’s language features that spoken by them. The women’s language features that proposed by Lak off that used to analyze the man and woman main characters in that movie are lexical hedges or fillers, tag question, rising intonation on declarative, empty adjectives, intensifiers, hypercorrect grammar, super polite form, avoidance strong swear words and also emphatic stress. While the factor that caused the phenomena happened was analyzed by using Coates Theories (1986) such as: Social status, subordinate groups, prestige and stigma, social network and the acquisition of sex differential language.

Keywords: man, woman, sex, language features, women’s language features

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