Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Djarum 76 Advertisement Entitled "New Normal"


Djarum 76 advertisement is interesting to analyze because they show a different concept from other cigarette advertisements. This study aimed to (1) describe language metafunctions, (2) examine visual metafunctions, and (3) explain the relationship between language metafunction and visual metafunction of Djarum 76 advertisements as a multimodal text. The aim of the study was to to describe how Systemic Functional- Multimodal Discourse Analysis is used to analyze the multimodal text of the Djarum 76 advertisement. This study used a descriptive qualitative approach. The result showed that the representational, interaction and composition meaning of the Djarum 76 advertisement entitled “New Normal”. The visual elements of this advertisement are in line with the content, theme, and title of the advertisement, which is dominated by a narrative representational process. The circumstance elements also included details about the advertisement’s plot, such as a description of the scene’s location and time. This advertisement displayed more indirect relationships with the audience, implying that the advertisers do not expect the audience to respond. The most dominant image act in this advertisement is close personal distance. Furthermore, subjective images are the most prevalent perspective. Participants were portrayed as the focus of this advertisement by the advertisers. The participants who are being represented are also given unique characteristics. Sharpness was also used in this advertisement to visualize the participant. In addition, this advertisement used frames as the boundaries of the picture.

Keywords: multimodality, language metafunctions, visual metafunctions, intersemiosis, resemiotization, Djarum 76 cigarette advertisiments

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