Meaning of Adverbial in Nias Language


The goal of this study was to look into the meaning of adverbial in Nias. This study used a qualitative research method and a descriptive approach. In addition, the data was analyzed using the Quirk et al. (1985) theory. The findings of this study revealed that the meanings found in Nias language referred to Nias language adverbial types. The meaning of adverbial of place expressing position, direction, goal, and source was discovered. Meanwhile, the adverbial of time can be used to express a specific point in time, duration, or frequency. Furthermore, the adverbial of manner has the ability to express manner, means, instrument, and agentive. It was discovered that the adverbial of degree has the ability to express measure, frequency, and duration. Other adverbials in Nias language have other meanings, such as adverbial of reason, which can express why, adverbial of condition, which can express the condition itself, and adverbial of purpose, which can express a goal or purpose.

Keywords: adverbial, meaning, Nias language

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