Grammatical Alliance of South Nias Dialect


This research aimed to understand (1) the types of complex sentence structures in BNDS, and (2) the determination of grammatical alliance system. This study used a qualitative descriptive method and applied the theoretical framework of language typology proposed by Van Vallin Jr, Lapolla (1999) and Dixon (1994) as the main theory. The data of this research were in the form of clauses and sentences. Based on the results of data analysis that has been carried out, it was found that syntactically BNDS is included in the accusative language group that treats the subject the same as the agent, and gives different treatment to the patient (S = A, ≠ P). BNDS is a language group that works with the S/A pivot system. This grammatical alliance system showed that BNDS is syntactically a nominative-accusative language. Paying attention to S’s behavior in intransitive clauses with A and P’s behavior in BNDS transitive clauses which showed a tendency to be nominative-accusative language.

Keywords: clauses, complex sentences, pivot test and grammatical alliance

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