Errors Found in Ayuna Silver's Emails


This paper discussed an analysis of correspondence especially about the kinds of error made by the staff in replying to emails from the customer. All the data were mostly analyzed based on the theory applied by Dulay, Heidi C, and Marina Burt in their book entitled Language Two (1982) and it was also supported by other theories. They were Error Analysis and Interlanguage written by S. P. Corder (1981), Error Analysis Perspective on Second Language Acquisition written by Richard (1974) and beside the other references about, several supporting references that were considered relevant to the topic were also used in this paper. In conducting this research, the library research was applied and there were three steps for the methodology. They were data collection, data analysis, and data source. The information for this paper came from emails written by Ayuna Silver employees. The data was then gathered by reading carefully and then classified based on the types of errors according to the theory used in this qualitative paper. Based on the findings of the study, it can be concluded that Ayuna Silver’s staff made some mistakes, and the factor that caused the errors. There were omissions, additions, misformations, and misordering errors. Overgeneralization, incomplete application of rules, ignorance of rule restrictions, and false concept hypothesized were the factors that caused errors.

Keywords: syntax, error analysis, e-mail

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