English Expressions Used in Handling Complaint Emails


The problems which were analyzed in this paper are about the kinds and uses of the functions of the English expressions that are communicated by the reservation staff to their client. The number of reservation staff which was used as the data source were five people, they were three males and two females. The collected data were analyzed by taking multiple samples of complaints on email correspondence by the staff of Baliku Tours and Travel, especially with their client and colleague. The purpose of this paper was to find out the kind of expressions are used and to investigate the formality of English expressions used by the staff in handling complaints by email. The theories applied in this study were based on the theory of John Blundell in his book entitled Function in English (1987) as the main theory. The supporting theory was taken from the book of Leo Jones entitled Function of English (1981). According to the analysis, the staff of Baliku Tours and Travel who were chosen as respondents used several functions of English Expressions when communicating with their clients or colleagues. English expressions for greeting, English expression for giving information, English expression for getting information, English expression for offering things, English expression for apologizing, English expression for thanking, English expression for inviting, English expression for saying goodbye, and English expression for giving suggestions were the English expressions they communicated to their client. Most of the staff used formal language expressions and polite way when they handled complaints. The neutral, less formal, and impolite expressions which they communicated to the client or colleagues were not in large number.

Keywords: sociolinguistic, language function, emails by Baliku Tours and Travel

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