Ellipsis in Dialogue Between Characters in Knives Out Movie


The paper discusses the kinds of ellipsis in dialogue and the condition of dialogue where ellipsis can exist that used by main and supporting characters in the movie. This paper aimed to analyze the types of ellipsis that found in the dialogue of Knives Out movie and in what condition ellipsis are taken place. In this research writer used the movie entitled “Knives Out” by Rian Johnson as the data source. The writer applied some methods of research like watching the movie and quoting some dialogues on the collecting the data. In analyzing the data, the writer applied the theory of Randolph Quirk and Sidney Greenbaum in their book entitled A University of Grammar of English (1985) as the main theory and supported by other theories that are relevant to this topic. The result of the research showed that the ellipsis in dialogue from Knives Out consist of repetition, expansion and replacement. These kinds of ellipsis are taken place in three conditions of dialogue, they are, question and responses, statement and question, as well as statement and statement.

Keywords: ellipsis, phonology, character movie

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