Code Mixing Found in Antologi Rasa Novel by Ika Natassa


In society, language is crucial for communicating with others. As a result, there are numerous varieties of language in this era, particularly in sociolinguistics. Sociolinguistics is the study of language varieties, and it is also associated with an inevitable phenomenon, bilingualism, or multilingualism. The goal of the study was to discuss the types of code-mixing that the author discovered in the novel Antologi Rasa. The information was gathered through observation. To obtain the information, the author took several steps. The writer should first read the book carefully, then make a note of any code-mixing that he or she finds in it the information gathered about the issues is then analyzed. Code-mixing is widely used as a communicative strategy in society, according to the findings. While speaking in Indonesian, the characters mix English linguistics items at all levels, or conversely, the characters speak in English and then mix it with Indonesian linguistics items. The author used a lot of foreign languages in the Antologi Rasa novel, and she described the character as a bilingual society because the character lived in several countries over a period, and there are a lot of code mixings based on the types of code-mixing. There were (15) data collected, with each type receiving (5). Insertion, alternation, and congruent lexicalization were the three categories.

Keywords: code mixing, sociolinguistic, novel

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