Improving Performance Through Rightsizing: Analysis of the Effectiveness of Implementing Equal Administration in the Ministry of Transportation


Based on the direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, the bureaucracy has been simplified from four levels to two levels. This was carried out by equating certain functional positions. Efforts to simplify the organizational structure are a reflection of efforts to develop the optimal organization size. Organizational rightsizing has been defined as a series of activities which are carried out as part of organizational management designed to increase the efficiency, productivity and/or competitiveness of the organization. The challenge in equalizing administrative positions into functional positions is that there is no model in each ministry or agency, and this leads to a higher workload due to employees concurrently serving as a functional official and a coordinator or sub-coordinator according to the position before being equalized. This study employed qualitative research methods with a soft systems methodology approach. The process of equalizing positions was analyzed by comparing the rightsizing process through the actor’s conceptual model and the outcome. It was found that there is a need for policy changes so that the main managerial activities carried out as a result of the sub-coordinator’s role which cannot be replaced by functional positions can still be assessed as credit points. Also, there is a need for socialization and coaching in functional positions. The use of information technology also needs to be implemented to promote the performance of officials.

Keywords: component, equalizing position, rightsizing, soft systems methodology

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