Reducing Social Tension at the Regional Level in Modern Russian Society


This article concerns the manifestations of the social tension phenomenon at the regional level in the context of the global pandemic. The main purpose of the article was to study the social tension phenomenon in Russian society and determine the current directions for its reduction. The main theoretical and methodological approaches to studying social tension are presented herein. It was determined that social tension is a state of society formed under the influence of subjective and objective internal confrontations that are in an acute phase of their development. Sociological research made it possible to identify the assessments of various spheres of public life (social, economic, political and spiritual) experienced by the population. Assessments by population and sphere of public life at the regional and federal levels were compared. It was revealed that the population of the Orel region assessed all the factors of social tension in the region as significantly worse than in the country as a whole. In our opinion, this indicated that the population is inclined to perceive the situation in the region more negatively, due to a greater proximity to the real social, political and economic problems of the region. One of the possible ways to reduce social tension is by applying the social contract concept.

Keywords: social tension, social contract, threats