Surgical Incision Flap for the Management of a Patient With Gingival Enlargement Exacerbated by Malpositioned Teeth: A Case Report


Background: Gingival enlargement is a disorder caused by plaque and calculus, exacerbated by malpositioned teeth and trauma from occlusion.

Objective: To discuss the management of gingival enlargement that exacerbates malpositioned teeth with surgical incision flap.

Case Report: A 26-year-old male patient presented with a complaint of enlarged gums in the lower front area with malpositioned teeth, food impaction, bleeding when brushing and discomfort because of the calculus for last six months. The patient had never been to a dentist before. The treatment given was scaling and root planning in the initial phase and gingival enlargement correction with surgical incision flap in the corrective phase.

Conclusion: The gingival enlargement cannot be done with surgical incision flap alone, the local secondary etiology has to be removed, therefore, a comprehensive treatment is required.

Keywords: gingival enlargement, incision flap, malpositioned teeth

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