Multidisciplinary Treatment of Periodontia--Orthodontia to Improve Aesthetics: A Case Report


Background: Overgrowth of the gingiva during orthodontic treatment is a very common condition characterized by gingival enlargement which is seen in pseudo-pocket formation with or without attachment loss. Gingival enlargement involving the anterior region can affect the quality of one’s life related to aesthetics and function.

Objective: This case report describes the correction of gingival enlargement in orthodontic treatment with gingivectomy.

Case Report: A 21-year-old patient presented to the periodontics clinic of RSGM Prof Soedomo UGM on the referral of an orthodontic clinic with a complaint of gingival enlargement in the anterior region of the lower jaw which interfered with the movement of orthodontic’s wire corrections. Gingival enlargement was treated by gingivectomy using scalpel.

Results: Two weeks’ control showed that the gingival enlargement was corrected and orthodontic treatment could be continued.

Conclusion: Gingivectomy is a procedure that aims to treat gingival enlargement during orthodontic treatment with a fixed orthodontic appliance. In assisting the smooth running of orthodontic treatment, gingivectomy can also reduce the rate of periodontal disease and improve aesthetics.

Keywords: gingivectomy, gingival enlargement, fixed orthodontic appliance

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