Aesthetic Crown Lengthening in Type IA-Altered Passive Eruption: A Case Report


Background: Altered passive eruption (APE) is one of the etiologies of the gummy smile condition. The APE type IA can be corrected by aesthetics crown lengthening using the gingivectomy technique.

Objective: To correct the condition of excessive gingival display et causa APE type IA with an aesthetic crown-lengthening procedure using a gingivectomy technique.

Case Report: A 26-year-old female patient complained about her gummy smile which made her maxillary front teeth look short. The probing depth of the patient’s anterior teeth was at normal measurement.

Conclusion: The condition of altered passive eruption type IA can be corrected by an esthetic crown-lengthening procedure using gingivectomy technique to obtain good and optimal aesthetic smile results.

Keywords: altered passive eruption, excessive gingival display, crown lengthening, gingivectomy

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