Z Plasty – An Aesthetic Surgery for Aberrant Labial Frenum: A Case Report


Background: Aberrant labial frenum can cause central diastema, gingival recession and affect aesthetic appearance. Several techniques are available for removing the attachment of an abnormal frenulum. Z-plasty is a surgical technique used for thick and wide hypertrophy frenum associated with central diastema and short vestibule.

Objective: To discuss the Z-plasty technique for aberrant labial frenum.

Case Report: A 23-year-old woman was referred to the Periodontia Department of Hasanuddin University Dental Hospital for a frenectomy. Intraoral examination showed a diastema on maxilla centralis incisive and a labial frenulum’s attachment extending to the palatine papilla. The frenectomy procedure was performed using the Z-plasty technique.

Results: Follow-up after one week and one month showed a good healing process with minimal scars and gingival color according to the surrounding tissue.

Conclusion: Z-plasty frenectomy can provide good aesthetic and functional results for removing the attachment of hypertrophy frenum.

Keywords: frenectomy, labial frenum, hypertrophy frenum, Z-plasty

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