Aesthetic Crown Lengthening Using Chu Proportion Gauges: A Case Report


Background: A harmonious smile is considered a symbol of beauty in modern society. Generally, a smileis considered pleasant when it normally exposes all of the maxillary teeth, as well as around 1 mmof facial gingiva. The gingival exposure of up to 2-3 mm is normally acceptable. The rehabilitation performed for the abnormalities in symmetry and contour of the gingiva in this region can be challenging. Crown-lengthening surgery is used in combination with perio-aesthetic procedures to repair gingival asymmetries and realign the dentogingival complex. The Chu’s aesthetic gauges were designed to diagnose and treat aesthetic tooth discrepancies and abnormalities in a predictable manner.

Objective: To attain optimal crown lengthening using Chu’s aesthetic gauges.

Case Report: A 21-year-old female patient presented to the Department of Periodontology, with a request for “better-looking teeth”. Extraoral examination revealed no significant findings. No mobility and adequate levels of keratinized attached gingiva on intraoral examination. The case was diagnosed as a gummy smile, that could be repaired with crown lengthening. During the surgical crown-lengthening, Chu’s aesthetic gauges were used to measure the midfacial length of the biologic crown at the same time. These gauges are unique technique that is innovative and a novel method to get adequate crown proportions. Results: Evaluation after two weeks after the surgery showed a better-looking smile line and no erythema.

Conclusion: A successful crown-lengthening procedure was performed using Chu’s aesthetic measurement, including optimal dimension of clinical crowns and symmetrical gingival contour.

Keywords: crown lengthening, aesthetic procedure, Chu’s aesthetic gauges, case report

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